We would love to cater for your wedding or special event. Our oven provides a beautiful focus for your guests, and we will do everything we can to ensure your guests are well fed and happy! We specialise in Neopolitan-style pizza and slow-roasted meat brioche rolls, but  the ideas below are suggestions only. We are very happy to cater to any individual requests - our oven is very versatile so please get in touch and we will happily do everything we can to tailor your occasion to your exact requirements.

We have various catering options for you…

For Pizza:

We usually provide a buffet-style menu with the food laid out to share on a main table. This may be in the form of antipasti platters to start, followed by pizzas served on large boards for people to help themselves to slices, acccompanied by seasonal salads. We replenish the pizzas and salads as and when needed. If you would prefer just to have pizzas this is no problem - we will keep topping up the pizza boards throughout your event. If you would prefer people to order individual pizzas we can set-up so that they can order a pizza and then watch it being made.

We can also offer this option as a sit-down meal, with the sharing platters and boards provided for each individual table of guests, then whole pizzas served either to share on each table by the slice or individually tailored for each guest. 

For Slow-Roasted Meat Brioche Rolls:

These can be served “street-food style” straight from our oven or as part of a larger buffet, with accompanying salads and sauces of your choice.